Big Jack's Elixirs E-Liquid

Big Jack has a reputation in the New Zealand vaping community for not only being a bloody good bloke, but also for genuinely caring about getting people off the stinkies. To that end, he set out to craft a line of delicious e-liquids which are so darn tasty you won't be able to put them down! Big Jack's Elixirs are lovingly crafted and bottled right here in New Zealand, and are manufactured with high quality ingredients and certified organic vegetable glycerin.

Blue Blooded Dragon by Big Jack's Elixirs

Fat juicy blueberries, pomegranate, dragon fruit and strawberries served with cream and custard.

Chilla-Rilla by Big Jack's Elixirs

Like eating a choc-dipped banana sitting on a bed of vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl and topped with whipped cream.

Fubar by Big Jack's Elixirs

Transport yourself to a tropical beach with this massive mix of tropical flavours.

Nectar Of The Dragon by Big Jack's Elixirs

Fresh nectarine and dragon fruit covered in creamy custard. Light and fruity, makes for a nice easy ADV.

Strawnanabobana by Big Jack's Elixirs

Now you don’t need to beg for 20c to get a pack of yummy strawberry banana bubblegum, nor do you need to chew it!