Boxing Day Sale Starts Now!

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26/12/2016 11:17 p.m.
awesome stuff
3/04/2017 8:29 p.m.
where's the 2017 updates? that is the only thing holding me back from purchasing anything on this site i get scared of fraud websites as i have been ripped off before
5/04/2017 10:26 p.m.
Its algood to buy from just bought off here and recieved today 5/4/17
2/08/2017 2:57 p.m.
Hi folks. I had a mod die on me and contacted Tim to check on the warranty. No fuss or bother he advised me to return the mod to test. He quickly came back and organised credit on my account. Recommended provider of all thing to do with VAPING.
28/09/2017 11:20 a.m.
Hiya fellow vapontroprenours, yes,yes I made that word up!.. Not only are the guys at THE VAPING KIWI giving us all the best deals and service, I'd like to express how absolutely fantastic the service and support is, and assure potential customers that they of of the utmost integrity.. I recently had some trouble, which was in no way related to or cuased by these guys, with a product which I had purchased.. However, although they really had no legal obligation compelling them to help me out whatsoever, and I'm sure all of you have experience in many other companies of lesser moral and ethical standards, they were so amazing.. Going over and above any level of customer care and support that I have encountered in my entire life!.. This is no exaggeration.. An imminent apparent impending nightmare, ie replacing an expensive mod, was instantly inverted into the most heart warming restoration of faith in humanity.. This my friends, is an understatement! They went out of there way to placate me,  and for doing so, I just don't have the vocabulary to express in words, how totally blown away I am by the service and support, the kind that I thought had become obsolete many many decades ago.. Hope you all know how rare a company that stands by its customers and holds so high ethical standards, is these days.. Sorry if I'm sounding sycophantic, I just so impressed.. Anyhow, you, as a potential customer, need have no concern as to any speculation that your custom will not be valued and your satisfaction ensured.. Better stop bleating, I could go on and on and on... These guys are great, really thought I should convey that to any potential customers as it's the kind of thing that concerns me when dealing with online companies.. There is no cuase for alarm.. The prices are the most competitive around, the service excellent, and aftersale service, well, ambrosial, to say the least.. You can rest assured when dealing with these guys.. They meet the most discerning customer's expectations.. Even if such a custumer is totally unreasonable.. Can't praise them enough.. So stop reading my long but  honest tale, ranting of my experience, and buy buy buy from the guys you can trust.. And, from an old cynical guy like myself, that is the first time I've ever typed that last sentence, that is saying something indeed..  So to all you guys at THE VAPING KIWI, Merry Christmas and Happy days.. I wish you the best of the coming year and hope you realise the prosperity you all deserve.. And to those other companies, that we all have come to accept their somewhat wanting service, take a look at these guys, and learn.. You never know you may find- customers returning again and again and again.. Thanks guys.. You're awesome