Cheesecake Waltz VG HEAVY by Retro

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Ultra Creamy And Deliciously Sweet

A creamy home-made cheesecake topped with a sweet blueberry sauce.

70:30 VG/PG mix. Recommended for use with direct-lung vapes.

Retro is a USA brand.

Smooth and not that sweet
I found amazing the taste of this e-liquid because although I'm more into tropical ones and not too sweet ones this one falls kind into that amazing smooth sweetness that makes it perfect for people wanting for more. I'd recommend for those trying out new flavors because I was kinda worried for the lack of reviews but don't be afraid you won't regret it or thinking you wasted your money.
Review posted by Cesar
Cheesecake Waltz VG HEAVY by Retro 30ML 3MG
Really good, taste like evert other typical Blueberry Cheesecake flavour on the market (which is good thing).

Is all day vapable, however one is likely to get over this flavour after 200ml’s or so on..
liken to eating real cake, is very yummy & pleasant in moderation, but you don’t want to eat all the time every day.

If you have not ever had nor vaped much of a cheesecake flavour before, then you really must try this eliquid!

Comes highly recommended.
Review posted by Alex