Cola by HiLIQ

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Tastes Like The Real Thing!

A refreshingly sweet, energizing and vibrant classic cola e-liquid.

50:50 VG/PG blend. Suitable for use with MTL and DL vapes.

HiLIQ e-liquids are available in 30ml and 60ml bottles.

This is absolutely delicious!! Very moreish,  great flavor, I can't wait to try the others I have ordered. I will be ordering this one again! 10/10 in my opinion!
Review posted by Gina
As good as a coke
I love the perfect cola taste of this juice. Just like having a swig of coke. I also mixed it with cherry to get that nostalgic cherry coke buzz.
Review posted by Dave
Did I hear Cola?
What else are you waiting for? it's that coca cola flavouring that you need to add to your collection right now.  This was more of a curious purchase from me but in trying it out - I was surprised about how accurate and tasty it really was.

It tastes exactly like the real thing! Coca Cola ejuice? Say less.
Review posted by Michael
Tastes like a gummy cola bottle. Couldn’t be happier. 10/10
Review posted by Krishneel