Intro To Vaping

Vaping, A Better Smoking Alternative

Vaping is a smoking alternative which provides a similar experience to smoking a traditional cigarette, but instead of inhaling smoke produced by the combustion of tobacco, the user inhales vapour produced by the vaporisation of a flavoured liquid nicotine (or zero nicotine) solution.

Vaping devices are the evolution of electronic cigarettes and offer a far more enjoyable experience than that of the “cig-a-like” style electronic cigarettes sold in dairies and petrol stations. Every aspect of the vaping experience is customisable and there is a vast selection of flavours and devices available to suit any user.

Typically a personal vaporiser consists of a rechargeable battery and a tank that is filled with electronic cigarette liquid (e-liquid). The e-liquid soaks into a disposable coil and when the battery is activated the coil heats up and vaporises the e-liquid.

The Legality Of Vaping In New Zealand

The sale of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices in New Zealand is permitted so long as they are not marketed as smoking cessation devices. It is against the law for any New Zealand company to sell e-cigarettes or e-liquid containing nicotine, but there are no restrictions placed around zero nicotine e-liquid, and it is perfectly legal to purchase nicotine e-liquid from overseas vendors and import for personal use.

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