Looking for nicotine e-liquid?

Look no further, because we just launched an online store for nicotine e-liquids! Over at Ejuice NZ we stock a wide range of high quality e-liquids from well respected brands, both local and international, and offer them to you at seriously great prices. With 70+ flavours to choose from, available in various nicotine strengths and sizes, we've even got you picky vapers covered.

Click here to visit Ejuice NZ

Your account can be used at both The Vaping Kiwi and Ejuice NZ

Customer accounts are shared between both stores, so if you sign up for an account at The Vaping Kiwi you'll be able to log in to that same account at Ejuice NZ. If you haven't already created an account with us then here's a few reasons why you should:

  • You'll be able to combine orders from both stores to save on shipping (see below)
  • Your address book and account information will be shared between both stores
  • You'll only have to maintain one password for both stores
  • If we issue you a credit you'll be able to use it at both stores

Combine your orders to save on shipping

If you want to place an order with The Vaping Kiwi and Ejuice NZ and don't want to pay two lots of shipping then you'll love how easy it is to combine your orders. The only requirement is that you register an account. Here's what you need to do:

  • If you haven't already, register an account
  • Ensure you are logged in to the same account at both stores
  • Place your first order (at either store), checking out as normal
  • Place your second order, and during checkout select the Combined Shipping option

The Combined Shipping option will only be available for 30 minutes after your first order, so please ensure you get your second order in quickly. The shipping address you entered with your first order will be used.