Peach Apricot VG HEAVY by Frukt Cyder

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The Best Summer Has To Offer 🍑

Sweet and refreshing cider made with juicy peaches and ripe apricots.

70:30 VG/PG blend. Great for use with direct-lung vapes.

Frukt Cyder is a premium UK brand.

A delicious step up from your garden variety fruit vape
I am a pretty fussy peach vape addict - I find it very hard to find a juice that doesnt include cream, or taste like cheap sour lollies (which, has its place but not what I'm after). I had previously been loyal to the HiLiQ Peach juice when I saw Vaping Kiwi start stocking the new Frukt juices. I was initially a bit nervous about trying it because its only available in 100ml which, if I didnt like it would be a lot of juice to not use. But thankfully can report it is absolutely delicious! The first hit on a clean coil is utter bliss - a really proper fruit flavour, sweet but not cloying  and a nice satisfying hit and exhale on my Aspire PockeX. Highly recommended to anyone who is a fruit vaper!
Review posted by Hayley