Pumpkin Cookie VG HEAVY by Sadboy

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Tastes Like Halloween 🎃

Pumpkin cookies with a touch of cinnamon spice, fresh from the oven.

70:30 VG/PG blend. Ideal for use with direct-lung vapes.

Sadboy is a premium USA brand.

Got this for sh*ts and giggles and was blown away. A nondescript sweetness on the inhale and on the exhale - wait for it... there it is! Soft sweet pumpkin with a touch of cookie.
Vaped on;
24g round wire @ 0.26ohm in Wasp Nano/NarCa
on Luxotic
Review posted by H
Was The Perfect Taste 4 Halloween
Back home in Canada October is about Halloween and Thanksgiving dinner which means lots of pumpkin pie!! This vape juice was perfect for my homesick cravings of good old North American traditional food's.
Taste great at first and very delicious. After a while you get use to it but is still great unless you're are a child at heart that craves sugar all the time. I used the whole 100ml bottle before writing the review and I will definitely be ordering another one for October 2020 when I get that pumpkin craving again!.
Review posted by Jeremy
You wouldn’t think so, but yes! Strong maple and biscuit with just a hint of pumpkin to even out the sweetness.
Review posted by Susan