Strawnanabobana MAX VG by Big Jack's Elixirs

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Bubblegum Flavoured Clouds Anyone?

A seriously tasty strawberry and banana flavoured bubble gum vape.

MAX VG blend. Suitable for DL vapes only.

Big Jack's Elixirs are lovingly crafted in NZ!

One of the best liquids I've ever tried, with all my favorite fruits all up in one mix.
Strawnanabobana all day.
Review posted by James
Strawnanabobana MAX VG by Big Jack's Elixirs 3MG
From the outset this liquid was very green tasting at first and had a feijoa theme going on, specially in the exhale.
It surely needed a bit of time to step & breath.

After 4 days of oxygen stepping (removing the nipple dripper cap and screw-cap) as well as having 4ml’s sitting in an RTA tank - this eliquid reverted to a full bubble gum flavour and no more greenish feijoa theme at all.

Is a very pleasant vape.
Not rich, non sweet, non chemical taste, just right!

Does have a very slight yet bold throat hit (non scratchy) on the in-hale (which I personally like).
This is likely from the flavouring.
A very slight carbonisation on the coils from the flavouring after a while, however this is very faint, (non blackening) not damaging to the coils & does not alter the taste in any way.

Not really suer what happed the the strawberry and banana, if any, very faint tones at most.
Mostly this is was a bubblegum flavour vape.

This has been a very pleasant true bubble gum flavour vape and I certainly would buy more as its all day vapable and I like the ever slight bold throat hit feeling that it gives on the in-hale.

I highly recommend this eliquid!
Review posted by Alex