Virginia Tobacco by HiLIQ

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Flue-Cured Virginia Tobacco

Rich and full bodied, with vanilla and butterscotch undertones.

50:50 VG/PG blend. Suitable for use with MTL and DL vapes.

HiLIQ e-liquids are available in 30ml and 60ml bottles.

If you are, like me not in to the flavours and prefer "just" tobacco flavour give this Virginia a try. It is my favourite. Smooth with a kick. This site provides high quality e liquid now WITH nicotine. Absolutely fantastic, that in combination with the outstanding customer service makes it my place to go to. Thank goodness no more dodgy Chinese site that charges me $70.00 for shipping yet declare $12.00 in goods.
Review posted by Natascha
Way better than a rollie
I recently gave up my 30 - 50 gram a week park drive rolling tobacco habit and this juice is a great substitute. Tasty & smooth and the 12mg nic strength in my MTL device isn't too harsh on my gulliver.
Review posted by Dave
Rich and full bodied
A great rich, full bodied tobacco flavour, just as described. I enjoy vaping this one.
Review posted by Mark