White Menthol by Long White Vapour

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A Smooth Menthol-Tobacco Vape

Long White Vapour's Premium Tobacco Blend with a cool hit of Menthol.

50:50 VG/PG blend. Suitable for use with both MTL and DL vapes.

Long White Vapour e-liquids are manufactured in NZ.

Very nice
I wasn't a fan of menthol smokes, but I love the menthol/minty juices and the throat hit I get from them. I've found with the few I've tried that I classify them as either a mouthwash/toothpaste mintyness, or a vapour drop/lozenge type of flavour. This one I find to be the lozenge kind of taste, with a nice caramel/vanilla something else-ness going on. Very tasty. Grab some today and clear out ya throat and lungs from the gunk leftover from sucking on death sticks.
Review posted by Jonathan